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Art. 1–2  The consortium BIOEXPORT EMILIA-ROMAGNA
The consortium denominated BIOEXPORT EMILIA-ROMAGNA has got its headoffice in  Ravenna – Viale Farini, 14
Expiry date 31/12/2020, the duration may be further extended.

ART. 3  Aim and mission
The Consortium takes care of the collective participation in international shows and exhibitions abroad and in Italy, food tasting, carries out researches and market studies regarding the foreign countries, organizes promotional campaigns in order to improve the export of the food products manufactured by the member companies. The Consortium may prepare, translate and distribute catalogues, may collect and spread news as far as the companies’ products are concerned. The Consortium can organize visits of buyers, operators and journalists in Italy, workshops and educationals. The Consortium  offers linguistic support to the companies especially during commercial meetings , also in case of single initiatives. It promotes synergies with other consortia and all those activities whose final goal is exporting our products abroad.

ART. 4-5  Requisites of the member companies
To be small-medium sized enterprises, according to the rules in force, located in Emilia- Romagna.
The member companies must manufacture and/or commercialize exclusively organic certified products.
Companies are accepted to enter the consortium after a careful check of the requested requisites by our Board of Directors. The main requisites are set up by Law 83/89 issued by Regione Emilia-Romagna whose section specialized for promotion and internazionalization of the regional productions ( SPRINTER) grants specific funds after Measure 5.2 Action C of the above mentioned law.
The associated companies must fulfill all requested requisites also as far as QUALITY and SERIOUSNESS are concerned.

ART. 13  Patrimonial and economical balance
A patrimonial and economical balance must be issued yearly and closed on 31st December in order to be approved by the members within two months.

ART. 15  Board of Directors
The Consortium is managed by a Board of Directors ( with Chairman and Vice-President) and  is directed by an executive office