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Alce Nero
- The Alce Nero brand has been applying the principles of Italian organic farming for more than 30 years. A devotion to the land, a rejection of synthetic chemical substances and an unpolluted environment are the key ingredients that enable us to produce authentic, delicious food.

Today, we are among the most appreciated producers of organic food, both in Italy and abroad. Our products are characterized by high quality and taste, and are culled from the most desirable terroirs in Italy by our producers. Pasta is made using hard wheat grown in only six Italian regions; our rice comes from mills located in Vercelli; tomatoes (for purees and sauces) are grown in the rich and fertile lands of the Po River valley; our orange honey comes from Sicily and Calabria; and acacia honey comes from Piedmont and Lombardy. For our fruit juices, the pears and peaches are from Romagna and the apricots from Basilicata. The olives for the extra-virgin olive oil are grown in Puglia.   
The Italian Alce Nero team shares their values with a group of fair-trade producers who work with the same dedication and passion across the globe in nations such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Nicaragua, Peru and India. This partnership has formed the basis for the Alce Nero line of organic and fair-trade products, which includes coffee, cane sugar, cocoa, rice, fruit juices, a wide range of chocolates and more.

Our production methods rely on low temperatures and short cooking times to keep the natural features of our raw materials intact:

- Tomatoes are harvested and processed within just 12 hours in order to maintain the fresh, ripe scent.
- Our fruit is delicately stewed at low temperatures in order to protect the original aroma of each item.
- Wheat and spelt are ground and transformed into pasta using brass dies and a long drying process.

Italian Organic Farming
The Alce Nero farmers share a common respect for regionality, innovation and the environment. Since the ‘70s, these farmers have made it their duty to oversee the entire chain of production, from the fields where they choose the most suitable flora to the production techniques that respect that quality of our raw materials, to the processing, which uses innovative technology to protect the natural aspects of our foods.

Our choice to farm organically has characterized our organization since its inception. Organic means a respect for nature, human beings and the environment.


Alce Nero - Every day for the past 30 years, our team of Mielizia beekeepers has been passionately dedicated to harvesting honey.

We are comprised of more than a thousand producers, all united by CONAPI (Consorzio Apicoltori ed Agricoltori Biologici Italiani, or Cooperative of Italian Organic Farmers and Beekeepers). From Val d’Aosta to Sicily, from the mountains to the sea, we collect honey only from pure, unpolluted terrains, taking full advantage of what nature has to offer us.

Each jar of honey has unique and distinct characteristics, and it is through these features that the honey tells us its story. The aromas, fragrances, flavors and colors, which vary from one honey to the next, make each one a precious, singular indulgence. And through the language of taste, we are able to learn all about the many lands from which they came.

Every day, we choose to use technology that maintains the integrity of the honey—it is produced without the use of synthetic chemical substances and is never pasteurized. We are present throughout the entire process, from the beehives to the jars, with experience that is age-old, yet constantly modernized. In everything we do, we are led by the passion that made us take on this traditional work, with the ultimate goal of bringing only the best to the table.

Today, we take on a new challenge—to continue to offer delicious, high quality products and promote the culture of honey.

Alce Nero S.p.A.

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