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Consortium Bioexport Emilia-Romagna was established in 1994 with the cooperation of the Chambers of Commerce of Ravenna and Forlì on the basis of the law 83/89 issued by the Ministry for Foreign Commerce; it is a sort of association for small-medium sized enterprises belonging to the traditional alimentary sector whose goal is letting typical products be known all over the world together with their territory traditions. At the moment the members are about 20 companies located in the areas of Ravenna, Forlì and Rimini. In order to promote the various productions and the brands, the Consortium makes use of various promotional means, among them specialized fairs, meeting with buyers, projects in strict synergy with Regione Emilia- Romagna. The Consortium, moreover, gives support and services to its associated companies; among the main services:
• general information about ECC and International Rules, technical custom rules, certifications and commercial information about potential clients;
• the consortium offers also a personalized service for single companies that want to exhibit at specialized sector fairs ( booking of area, furniture, travel and accommodation for operators);
• translation and interpreter service ( technical translation of labels and general business contracts into the main European languages;
• advertising campaign before and after the main events;
• information regarding all fiscal facilities for the associated companies
• facilities for participating in the main foreign fairs ( SIAL, ANUGA, BIOFACH,IFE, ALIMENTARIA, FANCY FOOD) beside the main international fairs in Italy ( CIBUS, MIA, SANA).

Every year the Consortium plans a yearly programme of intervention in order to “internationalise” more and more the small-medium enterprises from Romagna.

The main promotional means
Participation in specialized shows and institutional stands
Workshops, seminars, educational-tours
Missions of operators and journalists in Italy

Food Tasting Actions of commercial, communication and promotion Training courses for our operators Synergic projects for promoting the territory Printing of information material Updating of the web-site.

Services in detail:
ECC and international rules
Food&Drug Administration USA
Technical and custom rules
Economical facilities for the companies
Quality and certification
Commercial information drawn from the Dun&Bradstreet
Information about foreign markets
Special services for fairs and missions
Translation service and labels into the main European languages
Advertising campaign (also for single companies)
Information about facilities for taking part in international fairs beside the main events in Italy.