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ZANELLA BAKERY was established in 1965 as a family –run business, with a flexible and elastic philosophy, oriented to consumer needs and market trends with the main aim to supply a good and healthy bread.

Starting from an exclusive production of fresh bread, with time Zanella has become a well -known brand linked to quality, a brand for big distribution which recognizes top quality and careful selection of raw materials in full compliance with HACCP and QC ( controlled quality standards to ensure the quality of the whole chain from cultivation to finished products).

For several years ZANELLA BAKERY has been producing organic items to meet new market exigencies always with the aim to guarantee the product standards. After 50 years of activity, ZANELLA means nowadays a range of new  organic products – all manufactured from Italian highly selected raw materials- widening the offer with new bakery ranges.

Form experience, passion and family tradition derives therefore ZANELLA BIO, the new brand which satisfies the most sophisticated palates respecting all the new demands of the consumer using the best raw materials as far as nutritional and functional values are concerned.



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