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The family Pasquinoni  has handed on, from generation to generation,  a great experience, passion and love for obtaining a top quality extra virgin olive oil. Tradition and wisdom in selecting the olives, pressing and preserving  them join together to give birth to the elite of the extra virgin olive oil. Homer defined it “ liquid gold”: actually it imposes also for its therapeutic aspects, its nutritional values and its high digestibility. Enriching every dish, it is the king condiment of the Mediterranean diet. In 2003  our company was the first to obtain the DOP certification “ Colline di Romagna” that is to say “a product from the hills of Romagna”. In the olive-yards dedicated to the production of the extra virgin branded “Colline di Romagna” are also present ancient indigenous local varieties like “ correggiolo” and “rossina” which, harvested at the right time, permit to obtain an oil with very low acidity values,  with its characteristic green colour with golden reflexes and the typical intense aroma of newly pressed olives. Our plants are technologically advanced, all that allows to produce an extra virgin olive oil with top chemical and organoleptic characteristics, so that our product can be defined “nutraceutic  green  gold” that is to say that it’s a nourishing, healthy and preventing product . The benefits deriving from a regular use are scientifically confirmed.







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